The storm went on for days, dumping feet of snow. My muscles are sore and tired from all the snow hauling for drinkable water. That’s not a complaint, mind you! I’m so happy for the fresh water. Today the sun is blindingly bright and the snow sparkles as if filled with iridescent diamonds. Ken came by to check on me this morning. They are going to haul snow from the drifts, before it gets dirty. I’m going to join them at noon.

During the storm days, I discovered that my laundry soap is almost gone. I had been careful with it, but it’s gone. I remembered the laundry balls I had bought…they are meant to use without soap, but they clean the laundry by some sort of magic I don’t understand. I set up a galvanized bucket in the kitchen and with a broom handle I can “agitate” the laundry to clean everything. I’m getting muscles in my arms. I dug out a rope and some clothes pins and I now have an indoor clothesline in my dining room, where the evening sun shines through the windows.

The men went hunting and brought back an elk. It will take a few days for them to process it, but we plan to gather for a feast as soon as it is ready.