Speaking of hacks, I’m finding that necessity is truly the mother of invention. I stored a full shoulder bag of toilet paper, each roll in a zip lock, and put it in the bug-out wagon. I knew that if someone got sick, we would need them. I am using bandanas and washrags for the toilet business now and it is working out ok. I have a “grey” bucket for just washing hands, etc. I set up a bleach bucket by the back patio door. I wash the rags and then hang them in the sun to kill the rest of the bacteria. I’m using the toilet brush daily and I hang it outside in the sun for the same reason. Things may be less convenient, but I’m still slaying dragons and keeping my life together.

I discovered a hack for washing my hair. I actually don’t use shampoo, so I can use the full shampoo bottles for soap. I only use conditioner on my hair because my curls don’t handle the shampoo with any dignity at all. I set up my cot, with one end in the shower. Then I set up a bucket full of water at the end. If I lie down on the cot, I can dip my head in the icy cold water to rinse it, then use my conditioner and give it another rinse after that. The bucket can be used to fill up the toilet tank afterward. I might have strained a muscle, patting myself on the back for this bit of ingenuity.

Staying clean is super important. I wash up every day and brush my teeth. I know the toothpaste will run out at some point. I have plenty of baking soda to replace it, but that will run out too, of course. Keeping toenails short is important and keeping my heels from getting too dry. If they dry up, they will crack, and that leaves a place for bacteria to enter my skin. For the same reason, I’m not shaving. If I nick my skin, it could get infected. With no doctors and limited medical supplies, no one can afford to get lazy.