The men are talking about setting up an outhouse or two. It will have to wait until the ground isn’t frozen, but it’s a good idea. They are planning hunting trips as well. When they catch a deer, we will all celebrate and eat together. There are elk, antelope, and turkeys as well. Vegetables are becoming scarce, so we are talking about possibly trading in the town for canned veggies if there are any left. At our last meeting, we discussed greenhouses and seeds so that we can each grow a garden. That is, however, quite a few calendar pages away. For my part, before the lights went out, I bought about twenty cans of Swiss chard and I plan to give each family a can for Christmas.

Today I discovered that the stove and fridge work in the RV, so I set up the kitchen out there. When the gas runs out, I’ll move everything back inside. The water tank is empty for the winter, but everything else works nicely. I stuffed quite a bit of meat in the little freezer and this is stretching out my food so that it doesn’t spoil. I count it as a blessing.

Christmas is tomorrow.