I haven’t written in a couple of weeks. Life has been busy. The neighborhood is in a good routine. The men haul water for everyone on Mondays and Thursdays. We figure there may be a snowstorm on the horizon and extra water stored will be a blessing. Tuesdays we meet and discuss where we are. How much food do we have? Are we running out of supplies? Have we figured out a “hack” for our new situation? We try out the radio but so far, no news comes through the static. Last week, everyone brought coffee grounds and we used the camp coffee pot to warm everyone’s spirits. Sundays, those of us who want to do so are meeting to read the Bible and pray for everyone. The meeting started out at about an hour, but last week it went nearly two hours. The connection to friends is a lifeline.

Christmas is in two weeks. Today I set up my tree. I hadn’t intended on decorating the whole house, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. When I finished, I stood there and took in all the greenery, sparkly decorations, and nativities. I hadn’t realized I was crying until a sob burst out of me. Lord, please bring Michael home safe!

I realized I had a hymnal and a songbook so I went to the bookshelf to pull them out. They found a new home on my coffee table and lay quietly waiting to be opened and in the miracle of song, raise praise to Him who made us. On Tuesday at our weekly meeting, I would invite everyone to celebrate Christmas at the ranch.