I woke before the sun. this was day three after the event, but it felt like a lifetime. The floor was bitterly cold and yes, in spite of my admonition to myself to never go barefoot, here I was with my painted toenails trying to levitate off the icy tiles. I turned on the gas and set the timer for an hour. I dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and my hiking shoes. By the time I finished my morning routine of hygiene and putzing, the sun made its lazy appearance through the cold watery morning. I pulled on my heavy jacket and traipsed out to the RV to see what I could bring into the house. I found a gold mine! A camp stove, several bottles of gas, a camp coffee pot, and some boxes and jars of food were wonderful treasures. I took them all back to the house and set them on the kitchen counter.

The camp stove fired up nicely so I made eggs and hot water for coffee. Savoring every bite, I sat on the hearth by the warmed rocks and sipped the hot coffee. While I ate, I read my Bible. Hebrews 10 told me to draw near to God and consider how I can spur others on toward love and good deeds. Even in the zombie apocalypse, God’s word is relevant. Christmas was less than a month away. My mind began to spin all the ways I could encourage our little group for Christmas. Life as we knew it was over, at least temporarily, but God was still God and Christmas is a celebration of all he has done.