My recent research in Bible study led me down the path of the word “wait.”

Using the 1828 Noah Webster’s dictionary, I found these gems:

  1. To remain or rest in expectation
  2. To be in readiness
  3. To act, as a server, attend
  4. Bide, hold on, expect, sit tight, anticipate, tarry
  5. Watch. Defend. Be on guard. Be awake
  6. To be strong. TO BE LIVELY
  7. To be a sentry, a watchman
  8. Refers to the longsuffering and patience of God toward his willful children
  9. A heart responsive to the wooing of God
  10. Concentration on heavenly things
  11. Yearning for a revelation from God of truth and love
  12. Looking for God’s Hand to move
  13. And…something about musicians…to serve with music? to praise?
  14. To be strong
  15. To twist or stretch
  16. (Hebrew) to collect
  17. To bind together, perhaps with twisting
  18. Wait…as for the night to turn to day

And what does LIVELY have to do with it?

To be brisk, vivacious, vigorous, active. To represent life. To remain undestroyed. To float, but not to sink. Containging fire – ignite.

So…wait is a verb. To wait is to live for Him. I never knew waiting could be so renewing! He is near. Wait on Him. Even when we are faithless, He will be faithful – he cannot deny who he is. While you wait for his hand to move, live life like someone left the gate open!